Seabear Oyster Bar merges high quality, innovatively prepared seafood with the warmth of casual bar fare. It’s meant to be a neighborhood place—intimate and unassuming.

The menu includes new takes on retro classics made with foods sourced from sustainable, reputable purveyors. Although the menu nods to cuisines across the globe and American favorites, much of what is served will be both locally grown and seasonal.

Cozy up to the bar and indulge in a frozen negroni or fish house punch. Hang out on the patio and enjoy wine expertly paired with your meal. The Seabear bar will feature beers starting at $2 and saki to try with your oysters. Here you can also find the only Absinthe drip in town.

See your friends, bring your family or meet people just passing through.


After years of high achievement as a chef, publishing recipes, co-founding supper clubs, launching a television show and being a leader in one of the best restaurants of the Southeast, Patrick Stubbers is a co-owner and head chef of Seabear Oyster Bar.

A native of Cincinnati, Patrick first began working in the food industry as a college student. He grew more serious about a career in cooking after moving to Athens, Ga. and beginning work at The Grit. Here Patrick began as a dishwasher and worked his way up to manager. It was his experience cooking The Grit’s vegetarian menu that inspired his interest in innovative cuisine.

Patrick continued to grow as a chef after helping found The Fourcoursemen, a supper club that he put on with several friends. As the group grew in their culinary abilities, so did the popularity of their dinners. The Fourcoursemen gained enough notoriety to land a television show, one episode of which was nominated for a James Beard Award.

Patrick met chef Peter Dale, who was soon to open The National Restaurant. Patrick was promptly hired as the executive sous chef. The two have spent the last seven years exploring the country to learn more about food. Their travels and a mutual love for great bar fare and adventurous seafood inspired their latest enterprise, Seabear Oyster Bar.

Seabear Oyster Bar is also brought to you by Peter Dale and Chris Luken from The National.